KEARNEY, Neb. — Dozens of new jobs may soon be created in Kearney thanks to a company’s new expansion into the Tech One Crossing park.

Xpanxion UST Global is a technology company offering, in part, product and software engineering.

“It’s pretty important because when we started ten years back with just two people it was still a dream but today it’s turned into reality, so that gives us the confidence that we can take this and take it forward from here,” said Xpanxion president, Ram.

According Governor Pete Ricketts, they have 90 employees but this new expansion could lead to 29 additional jobs.

“This represents growth in Kearney and creating great paying tech jobs,” said Ricketts. “You know these tech jobs on average across the state pay over 76,000 dollars a year. That is a great career and we want to see more investment like this and in fact tech jobs are going in our state are growing at twice the rate of other jobs. So, we are seeing Silicon Prairie here in Nebraska continue to develop.”

“Tech jobs in Nebraska are about 62 thousand jobs across our state,” said Ricketts. “The technology industry represents over five percent of our state’s economy… and in fact they’ve been growing at twice the rate of our other jobs.”

According to governor Ricketts, this not only helps our state stay competitive in the national tech sphere, it also gives the next generation incentive to stay home.

“If we want to keep our young people here we have to create the kind of jobs and careers that they’re looking for and this expansion and UST Global really represent those types of career fields that will help us keep our young people,” said Ricketts. “I think that the plan for Xpanxion is really to hire locally, drawing students from UNK. I know that the company originally started in Loop City, so not too far away, but I think what you’re going to find is a lot of the folks are going to be local.”

Currently, on their website, Xpanxion has seven kearney job positions posted– including android developer and software engineer.


Source: Jessica Stevenson – Nebraska.TV