The Technology Association of Nebraska (TAN) is focused on Four Pillars:

Pillars | Technology Association of Nebraska


From emerging industry trends to breakthrough technologies and business models, we help shine a spotlight on the companies that power the region’s innovation economy.

  • Through events, public relations and marketing campaigns we highlight local companies and national and global trends.
  • TAN also conducts economic impact research to tell the story of Nebraska’s tech industry both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • We act as a resource to communities across the state for companies who show interest in becoming more involved or expanding in the region.


We align partnerships and platforms for technical education advancements in secondary and post-secondary schools.

  • Support educators with understanding the role of technology in all businesses
  • Advocating for addtional technology related courses in education
  • We align private and public resources to empower all of Nebraska’s students with the conceptual and technical skills that unleash their creative genius and hunger for learning
  • Inspire them to become the talent needed to create new value for our companies.
Pillars | Technology Association of Nebraska
Pillars | Technology Association of Nebraska

Development & Recruitment

Help Nebraska attract and retain the nation’s best tech talent by strengthening recruitment for employees and employers.

  • Attract talent required to compete globally
  • Aligning the great resources available in the state for employers/employees
  • Resource to connect employees with great Nebraska businesses
  • Fostering partnerships to drive economic impact and growth for businesses


We work with our federal, state and local officials to promote public policies that ensure the continued growth and success of Nebraska’s tech industry, in addition to increasing opportunities for statewide economic development.

Through our advocacy we support legislation and initiatives that:

  • Improve the business environment for technology based businesses
  • Ensure Nebraska is competitive with incentives
  • Measure and help leaders understand the impact of technology across industries
  • A voice for all in Nebraska tech
Pillars | Technology Association of Nebraska