LEXINGTON, Neb. — Students at Lexington Middle School are getting a hands-on look at technology that could shape the way they learn in the future.

The Nebraska Public Power District’s mobile science, technology, engineering and mathematics lab made a stop at the school this week.

Students got a rare chance to learn about coding, virtual reality, robotics, and several other subjects that are covered in the NPPD’s mobile STEM lab.

Darren Hanson, the information technology teacher at Lexington Middle School, heard about the mobile lab at a conference and knew he had to find a way to bring it to his classroom.

“Well a couple years ago a friend talked to me a little bit about Chad Johnson from NPPD and they have this projects pathway,” Hanson said. “So a couple years ago at a conference he was presenting and showcasing this to teachers and so I sat down and talked with him a little bit. The STEM is really interesting, the robotics, the coding, is a skill that’s real important for students to get.”

The lab is focused on four themes NPPD came up with to showcase the benefits that could come from a more technology-focused classroom.

The themes are: make it do, make it new, make an impact, and make it you. The four themes were designed to get students to think about the impact their learning could have on the world around them.

“The cool part is when we go back to our carving machine it talks to them about the x and the y and they kinda look at you and they go back to the math the coordinates. Coding has a lot of the math functions the coordinates the xy’s where to place your things. So it really reinforces the common basics of the other subjects,” Hanson said.

NPPD’s STEM mobile laboratory is in Lexington all week before moving on to other Nebraska classrooms.

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Alex Whitney