By Kari Lawrence
News Channel Nebraska

FREMONT – The demand for computer and technology careers are high in Nebraska and are outpacing the national average for growth.

The Nebraska Department of Labor projects there to be one million computer-related job openings in the country by the year 2024. Because of this growth, AIM Institute has transformed into a hub of technology and careers to help meet the high demand, and to establish Omaha as a tech landmark in the Silicon Prairie. AIM Institute Director of Product Integration, Matt Bernard says the change will help them become a local resource for those looking for jobs or training in IT careers.

“What do you do when you’re looking for a job, or looking for training? You go out there and Google something,” said Bernard. “But what if you knew there was a local resource that you can go check out, and you can check out the different disciplines in IT? Learn a little bit about it, learn about your potential fit in one of those disciplines and have some guidance.”

The AIM Careerlink transformation will link job seekers to new sets of career development tools, especially in the growing career fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Bernard says the changes to the website were made based on the community.

“A lot of the reasoning behind those changes are community-driven. So it’s really aimed trying to better align ourselves to what the community is looking for, and what the community is needing,” said Bernard. “And so by doing that it also helps us get back to the core of what we are, and that’s around developing technical talent and career development in tech education.”

A recent study finds that technology courses are increasing in popularity. AIM Interface School provides courses and workshops led by industry experts, and through AIM Careerlink, pairs students and job seekers with businesses. Students can also use AIM Careerlink to learn more about colleges, scholarships, financial aid, internships, resume building, interviewing preparation, and professional development.

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