TAN Vision

Our Vision:

TAN will become the recognized statewide organization that drives the advancement of technology in Nebraska through leadership, education, advocacy, and visibility. The following outline the organization’s building blocks through 2017.

Association Management/Operations

Goal 1: Generate sufficient revenues and partnerships to support the annual operation and management of the Technology Association of Nebraska to achieve its purpose as designated by the Board of Directors.

Objective 1.1 Funding:
Achieve and maintain annual revenues aligned with the board’s 3-year plan.

Objective 1.2 Membership and Sponsors:
Recruit and retain a sufficient sponsorship and corporate membership base to provide the funding to support the annual operations of TAN.

Objective 1.3 Administration:
Retain an active, aggressive, and innovative Board of Directors and Executive Committee.


Goal 2: Expose to city and business leaders, educators and policy makers the challenges the state is experiencing concerning workforce development. This will be supported by meetings, personal engagements, an active website, social media, newsletters and other outreach programs.

Objective 1.1 build working relationships with civic organizations:
Develop and maintain relationships with civic organizations throughout the state, such as chambers of commerce and city economic development groups.

Objective 1.2 build working relationships with Educators:
Meet with school boards and establish relationships with institutions of higher education to convey the concerns related to shortage of technically trained talent.

Objective 1.3 build working relationships with Policy makers:
Meet and work with our federal, state and local officials to promote public policies that ensure the continued growth and success of Nebraska’s tech community.

Objective 1.4 build working relationships with other Technology Associations:
While TAN is already a member of TECNA, a nationwide technical association made up of over 20 statewide tech associations and more than 50 tech associations overall, TAN will become an active participant in the next 12 months to build relationships and to learn from other tech associations on how to further the growth and to build on the investments made to strengthen Nebraska’s technical infrastructure and ecosystem.

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