About TAN

The Need

Last year 1,100 people graduated in technology related degrees in the state. However, there are over 1,600 open technology jobs in Nebraska at any given moment. This impacts all businesses as technology is now fundamental to all of Nebraska’s industries, with need continually on the rise. TAN will promote and facilitate programs and services to educate and create awareness of opportunities in technology.

What is TAN?

The Technology Association of Nebraska (TAN) is a statewide organization dedicated to strengthen Nebraska’s technology ecosystem. This cultivation of industry leaders are committed to strengthening Nebraska’s reputation as a tech-sound state to grow world-class companies, retain top high-tech talent and pioneer technology expansions into the state’s 21st century.

Areas of Focus:

Visibility: Measure the impact of technology jobs in Nebraska

Educate: Partnerships and platforms for technical educational advancements

Development & Recruitment:  Developing talent for the state

Policy: Educate political leaders to ensure sustainability

Spread the Word

Download the TAN brochure to help Nebraska’s tech community flourish.