In August the Technology Association of Nebraska, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development, conducted a survey of companies in multiple industries around the state regarding their tech talent needs.

Industries that responded included tech, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, biosciences, education, and business services with 28 total responses.

On average, these companies had between two and three active openings in tech related positions.

Over half of the companies stated they had a need for Software Developers and over 40 percent had a need for Web Developers. Nearly a quarter of the companies said they had a need for Computer Programmers and Computer & Information Systems Managers.

Other positions of need included Security Analysts, Database Administrators, Systems Analysts, Network Architects, and Data Scientists.

Nearly 60 percent of the businesses responding said the need to fill these positions in the next six months is increasing, and over half of the businesses said they have hired unqualified candidates for positions due to a lack of candidates.

Additionally, over half of the companies stated they actively recruit individuals from outside the state due to lack of in-state talent and over 80 percent said their organizations could grow more if they could find qualified tech talent.

Lastly, nearly 90 percent of respondents believed there are excellent job opportunities in Nebraska for those with tech talent. Responses to these questions are below.

With the continued demand for these occupations and the ample opportunities available, we need to continue to promote these careers to students, teachers, and parents alike so they are aware of the possibilities in Nebraska.

Additionally, Nebraska needs to continue marketing these opportunities to high schools around the state to help fill the tech talent pipeline while also promoting these opportunities to former Nebraskans.

In order to monitor the progress of promoting these careers, we will continue to conduct these surveys. The next survey will be done in February of 2018.